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The Contendis apps are running on iOS or Android, made for smartphones and
tablets and are available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon's App Store.

You are only limited by your own creativity when it comes to offering premium content to your fans.
Premium App editions can be priced separately or optionally, fans can subscribe to
the app and have access to all premium editions during their subscription period.

Some examples of premium editions:
- Live concert recordings      
- Special promotions (e.g. concerts or merchandise)
- Acoustic versions                 
- Priority ticketing links
- Demos and outtakes            
- Win actions
- Special compilations            
- Flash sales
- Personal journal/column

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The way we work

Besides a minimal retainer Contendis works on a shared revenue model
guaranteeing a professional collaborative environment to make your app a success!

Standard Contendis will:

- Design and submit the initial app to the different app stores

- Keep the platform technology up-to-date

- Provide basic promotional material for your social media channels (Profile headers,
timeline covers etc) with the initial release of the app but also around every new release
of a premium edition.

- Share ideas and best practices for the creation of premium editions and funneling fans
in your app and premium editions.

You can choose to work with your own creative team (only photoshop knowledge required)
that Contendis will train and support to make changes and update the app, or use our
ongoing full service offering. Paying a small extra service fee guarantees that you can focus
on creating great content whereas Contendis will take care of the creative work within the app.
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KEVIN DEVINE engages and rewards fan base with the release of free app with in-app premium editions Acclaimed independent musician Kevin Devine, in conjunction with Contendis Inc. - a provider of 'artist to fan' app services - releases 'The Official Kevin Devine App' for a renewed and exclusive...
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Crosby, Stills & Nash release a new media - rich CSN app
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contendis app services
contendis app services


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